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Norwegian police still uncertain if Breivik met Milorad Ulemek in Liberia

Aftenposten and Dagbladet have both published a story provided by the Norwegian press agency, NTB, which reports that the Norwegian police have still not received a response to their request for information from Serbian police regarding several Serbian citizens that they believe Anders Behring Breivik may have met on his trip to Liberia in 2002.

According to previous statements from the police and Breivik’s lawyers, Breivik has, throughout police questioning, refused to name his contacts. The police have, however, stated that Milorad Ulemek is one of the persons they suspect Breivik refers to when he says he met a Serbian war hero in Liberia in 2002.

The recent NTB article claims that, in February, Aftenposten reported that Breivik had communicated to police that he had met Ulemek. As far as AttackOnTheLaborParty is aware, such an article was never published by Aftenposten. If it had been, this would have been in contradiciton to all other news reports and statements by the police and Breivik’s lawyers. Also, none of the other newspapers ever reported on this alleged revelation by Breivik which is surprising given how significant such a fact would be.

On February 18th, Aftenposten wrote: “The terror accused 33 year old has claimed that he met a ‘Serbian war hero’ during his visit to Liberia. They shall have become aquainted through the internet. He has never been willing to say who this [person] was.” It thus seems that NTB’s claim that Breivik has given the name of a contact to the police is incorrect as it is based on a non existing source.

Ulemek was a commander in the Serbian forces during the Kosovan War, fighting against Muslims and NATO forces in the Balkans. At the end of the war, special forces from the Norwegian military were the first NATO ground forces entering Kosovo, and among the first to enter Pristina.

Norwegian police have sent 41 requests to 26 countries in an attempt to find out about Brevik’s contacts, reportedly with limited success. The Police Security Service (the PST) recently wrote in their evaluation report that Breivik had been planning the attacks for several years and been extremely security conscious.

Google translation [edited for clarity]:

No Breivik-response from Serbia
March 25, 2012

Six months after the Norwegian police sent a formal legal request to Serbia with questions about the Serbs who may have met Breivik, a reply has not yet been received.

The request was sent 27 september last year, but a reply is lacking.

“We have not received [it],” says Kraby.

The police have sent a total of 41 such requests to 26 different countries to clear up eventual contacts and connections of Breivik abroad. In addition, the police is working on sending an additional two court requests, whereof one to China, according to Hjort Kraby.

Met Serbian?

The investigation abroad is important considering possible helpers. Breivik himself in his massive compendium “2083″ claimed that he took part in the founding of an international “Templar order” in London in the spring of 2002. The group was allegedly to lead the war against Muslims in Europe.

Breivik claims in the compendium that before the London meeting he met a Serbian “war hero” and “crusader” who was in hiding in the Liberian capital of Monrovia.

Aftenposten wrote in February that Breivik has informed [the police] that the person in question is Milorad “Legija” Ulemek. Ulemek is imprisoned in Serbia and is serving a sentence of 40 years in prison for the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in March 2003.

The prosecutor for war crimes in Serbia, said already in January to the NTB that they had no indications that Milorad “Legija” Ulemek was in Liberia at any time in the late 1990s or early 2000s….

Original article: Ingen Breivik-svar fra Serbia

Google translation [edited for clarity]:

Serbian delay in terrorist hunt
February 18, 2012

The terror accused 33 year old has claimed that he met a ‘Serbian war hero’ during his visit to Liberia. They shall have become aquainted though the internet. He has never been willing to say who this [person] was….

Original article: Serbisk sommel i terrorjakten

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